Sombe Sabre

Sombre Sabre

Sombre Sabre is the richness of powerful drum machines combined with acoustic drum, the electricity of synthesizers and the warmth of skilfully distorted guitar. The project was born in November 2016 as part of a special creation for the festival La Supérette in Neuchâtel. A genesis of four days resulting in a concert of a rare intensity, through hypnotic and industrial compositions.

Behing this young band hide Luc Hess and Jonathan Nido (Coilguns, Closet Disco Queen), two well-known musicians of the Swiss rock scene, who have toured a good part of the globe with their different projects, Gwenael Magnenat (Isolated Lines) and Gaspard Gigon (Gaspard de La Montagne), two techno artists of Creaked Records label.